"We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we
choose to believe."

Blessed John Newman



Interested in joining the Catholic Church or just to learn more about what Catholics believe? RCIA is a once-a-week basic crash course of Catholic teachings that goes from Fall until Spring where those who want to be Baptized or received into the Church do so at Easter. 


one on one conversation

Drexel Newman has two professional campus ministers who offer weekly sessions to answer any questions or to clarify anything regarding the Catholic Faith. Whether it is just one session or once a week for the whole year, we would be delighted to talk with you.

Email Michael Gokie at michaelgokie@gmail.com or Abigail Gorman at agorman320@gmail.com

Learn about our Faith

We are called to love God, to love the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. But how can we love what we do not know?  We are called to preach the Gospel to all, but how can we share the Good News if we do not know it ourselves?  How do we explain our faith to those who do not believe in God?

Come and join us to develop your faith and nourish your intellect, so that you may grow in knowledge and love of God!